About Lexit
Lexit is the largest independent cooperative consultancy firm specializing in offering privacy and information security solutions and services to comply with AVG legislation (known under GDPR). The offices are located in Zaventem and Bruges. Our 12 partners, 26 privacy consultants (IT and Cyber ​​Security) and lawyers offer advice and solutions in privacy-related matters.
We have far-reaching connections with reputed privacy experts throughout Europe and far beyond. We serve a very diverse range of clients, ranging from multinationals to local entrepreneurs, a large number of public law companies, and numerous Belgian companies that (whether or not) form part of large international groups.
Origin & mission
Lexit was founded in 2018 and has its origins in GDPR Masters (an organization that unites Data Protection Officers and privacy specialists). Today Lexit is a recognized top player in all aspects of the European privacy story. We focus on the highest level of multidisciplinary solutions for the complex needs of our clients. We strive for integrated solutions, so that our clients can enjoy a unique privacy model, in which neither the cooperatives nor the freelance employees are evaluated on the basis of financial targets. The pursuit of excellence, the close involvement of the cooperatives and team spirit are our main motivators.
Diverse client base
Our clients include not only multinationals and Belgian companies, but also many public-law companies, non-profit associations, local entrepreneurs, family businesses and sole traders.
We have a thorough knowledge of the specificities and needs of many different branches of industry. We can advise and assist our clients with regard to their privacy framework and have a direct line of communication with the competent supervisory authority.
Lexit's customers receive a solution (not just advice) for a problem within an acceptable period and against a predictable budget.
DPO Network Worldwide
Within all our areas of expertise, customers can count on tailor-made consultancy and solutions. Together we look at the question and the problem to arrive at clear results. We use all our know-how and experience to serve the customer.
Feel free to contact us to give you expert advice.
As a specialist, Lexit is at home in matters related to data security. When it comes to compliance, Lexit will delve into the (changing) laws and regulations and give them a place in its normative framework.
In essence, privacy decisions involve careful consideration of (often conflicting) interests and risks, and the increased social attention to privacy underlines the importance of this. It is a challenge for Lexit and it offers opportunities for the customer.
“The rising privacy ship takes two other areas of knowledge in its wake. In the first place, that is information security. After all, safeguarding privacy requires data protection, and that expertise has traditionally been with information security professionals. Secondly, there is the legal domain. Certainly in the European Union, legislation is an extremely important starting point for organizations that deal with personal data, for those involved themselves, and for supervisors. The fact that this legislation is also subject to change only reinforces the attention to privacy. ”
– Diego Dupont – Co-Founder Lexit

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