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March 14, 2019
DPO Event GDPR Masters
Yesterday it was time! The very first DPO Event of the year, organized by Lexit CVBA.
Many visitors were not happy with the traffic on Flemish roads! An accident in Beervelde ensured that the people coming from the direction of Antwerp either did not get to their destination or still had the courage to scrape together and reached the Holiday Inn in Ghent with a small to medium delay.
After a short welcome by Bart VAN CAUWENBERGHE, co-founder of Lexit, Christiaan VERELST (lawyer at Lexit) immediately got started with a very topical theme: Brexit and the consequences for the GDPR. It was an instructive moment in which it became clear that it is not all that simple (not for the UK, but also not for many European companies).
Subsequently, Bart VAN CAUWENBERGHE surprised the crowd with a sharp explanation of a possible professional liability insurance for DPOs. Before writing this post, many DPOs present already called our office with the announcement that they would like to take a closer look at the policy offered. Admit: better than this is hard to find!
Then it was Tom COOREMAN, lawyer and lawyer at Cranium (our colleagues). Tom gave a piece about Internet of Things (IoT) and the consequences for GDPR. We remember that we look carefully at which websites we visit during the day so as not to be embarrassed in the evening when the family is sprayed with advertising based on our surfing behavior (and especially when the children are around).
Wim LEMMENS came to testify about the collaboration that his team of 150 independent home nurses has set up with Lexit. Wim replaced Wouter GEERTS, who had overlooked another irresistible obligation the day before.
After the break, it was Diego DUPONT's turn, founder of Lexit / GDPR Masters for the main theme of the evening: Lexit and its cooperative structure. The attendees were given a picture of the share structure, the General Meeting, the working method and the possibilities for cooperation for DPOs. The meeting was completed around 10 p.m., were it not for 9 more hards who continued for about an hour with a demo of the GDPR Masters AVG software.
Many of those present still enjoyed one (or more) drink (s) in the cozy bar, which was thoroughly refurbished about the event and about what keeps us all busy: the DPO job!
As an organization, we have learned a lot and are convinced that we can do much better. We would like to thank the speakers and the 40 attendees for the (for some heavy) trip they made to Ghent, as well as for the sincere input we received from them.
On to the next…

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