Lexit has various privacy experts who are used for:
  • GDPR inventories
  • Risk analyzes (DPIA)
  • Maturity measurements (audits)
  • Drawing up policies (BYOD, staff, processing agreements ...)
  • Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS)
  • DPO assignments
  • ...

Lexit supports companies in complying with Article 27 of the GDPR and facilitates your company's access to the European market by acting as your GDPR representative.
Lexit has its own AVG SaaS solution that can be used for:
  • Inventories
  • Risk analyzes (DPIA)
  • Data breaches management / procedures
  • Creating policies & documentation
  • Audit (maturity measurement)
  • ...
The software is intended for companies, associations, government institutions, DPO’s and can be set up under private label for DPO’s, law firms, audit firms, federations ...
Lexit has various independent IT experts who are deployed for:
  • ICT Security audit & guidance

  • Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

  • Cloud Security Optimization

  • Mobile Device Management / Mobile Data Protection

   Combined with:

  • Disaster & Data Recovery

  • Secure cloud / WiFi / E-mail / …

  • Antivirus / antimalware / firewall

  • Backup

  • Penetration testing

  • MFA (Multi factor authentication)

Lexit has various lawyers / attorneys who are deployed for:
  • Legal advice on privacy issues
  • Legal advice on application / compliance AVG / GDPR
  • Legal audits regarding application / compliance AVG / GDPR
  • Arbitration on privacy issues
  • Drawing up policies (BYOD, staff, processing agreements ...)
  • ...
Discover the competencies that we have on our team page 
Our specialists combine in-depth technical and legal knowledge with the right competences to arrive at a clear and complete vision and approach.
Our experts can be engaged for various assignments, both at companies, associations and government agencies.
Lexit has various privacy experts who are used for:
  • Privacy awareness training, whether or not tailored / in-house
  • Organization of seminars on privacy
  • Guest speaker at events
  • ...

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